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About Me

I grew up in Minnesota and attended undergrad at the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Child Psychology. After graduation, I moved to a small town in Iowa. I worked in the health and wellness field before going back for my masters. While in school for my counseling degree, I was working in a social worker role as at-risk youth specialist, assisting struggling students and families. I gained experience in trauma, addiction, social and academic issues. I earned my Masters in Counseling from Drake University in 2014, specializing in school and mental health counseling. I completed three internships, two in schools and one in a mental health facility. Once I graduated, I relocated with my family to the great state of Texas. I  spent two years working with adults in substance abuse treatment before going into private practice. Throughout my experience I have gained the necessary skills to work with trauma, mood disorders, addiction, family and relationship issues. I have an interest in the holistic approach and often combine my background in health and wellness when treating clients.  I have worked with a variety of individuals that has allowed me to grow as a clinician. I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and mental health needs.

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Meet Jett

Jett is an 1 year old border collie with a sweet disposition and a knack for understanding emotions. Jett accompanies sessions at various times to work on her own training. She is currently in the process of training to become a therapy dog. 

Feeling comfortable and safe is our number one priority so at anytime if clients prefer a doggie-free session, please let us know. 

About : About Me
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