My Services

Child Psycholgist

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is provided to children, adolescents and adults that may be struggling with mood disorders, substance use, family conflict or behavioral issues. Therapeutic play techniques are utilized for children learning to express and regulate emotions in a safe space. Adolescents and adults are able to process trauma, emotions and experiences in a comfortable, confidential and safe environment.

Couples Therapy

Couple/Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on creating and building healthy attachments and communication styles, to assist with a cohesive living environment. 
In couples therapy, the primary focus is maintenance counseling, creating a healthy relationship and developing  strategies that boost the bond between communication, connection and intimacy

Psychologist Session

Parent Coaching/Consultations

Parent coaching and consultations are provided to parents or caregivers needing assistance in navigating child or adolescent mood disorders, ADHD, behaviors, substance issues or family conflict.